Interested in becoming part of the team?  

At Boys and Girls Club of Washington County, we are proud to have a team of dedicated, hardworking individuals who are committed to advancing the mission of the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County. Our Unit Directors and Program Staff are devoted to the personal growth of each individual child and work tirelessly to ensure that every child has the opportunites  he/she needs in order to reach their full potential. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of our staff members with the information provided.






Our Staff

Executive Director

Addie Nardi

Development Director

E.J. Fuller
Office Manager

Deb Trione
Area Director

Eric Rollins
Pennsylvania Ave Unit
PA Ave Unit Director

Marquiela Gant
PA Ave Program Manager

Richard Powell
Frederick Manor Unit
Frederick Manor Unit Director

Tim Armstrong
Frederick Manor Program Director

Rebekah Colvin
Noland Unit
Noland Unit Director

Lauren Avey
Noland Program Manager

Judy Thomson
Elgin Station Unit
Elgin Station Unit Director

Naomia Evans